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Divorce can be devastating whether you are the one initiating it or on the receiving end. Through the process of the divorce the emotions of you and your spouse can be intense and overwhelming. This is why it is so important that the attorney that you choose to represent you will be of the mind set to minimize your emotional and financial contributions throughout the divorce process. Here at Forefront Law, P.A, we focus on developing a workable solution to issues related to custody, parenting time, and finances. Moreover, we are concerned with providing you with the best legal guidance, informed decision-making, as well as, fighting for you and respecting your needs. Since divorce cases often require knowledge of other fields of law, such as real estate, commercial, estates, trusts and disabilities law. Our law firm has other attorneys experienced in the foregoing fields of law and, available for consultations when needed. We will also make sure that you leave the process of the divorce loving and respecting yourself to be a better person.

What are the grounds for divorce in Florida?
Florida has both fault and no-fault grounds. However, in most cases, fault has no bearing on the outcome of the divorce or how the marital assets will be divided. Under exceptional circumstances, a court may consider the grounds for the divorce as a factor in determining spousal support. Below are some of the common grounds for divorce in Florida:

• Irreconcilable differences
• Separation for 18 consecutive months (this is “no fault” and the parties must live in separate residences during this time)
• Extreme Cruelty (physical and/or mental)
• Adultery
• Willful desertion for at least one year
• Habitual drunkenness or addiction for at least 12 consecutive months
• Institutionalization for mental illness for at least 24 consecutive months
• Imprisonment for at least 18 consecutive months
• Deviant sexual conduct

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