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Glen St. Mary Family Law Attorney

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Give your kids the security they need with child support, adoption, and child custody modification legal services from our caring and supportive family law firm in Florida. At Forefront Law, P.A, we’re happiest when you’re happy. From child support to adoptions and custody modifications, you can trust us to give you the calm, steady care you need when making such major life changes. Contact us to make an appointment today with our family lawyer.

A Different Kind of Divorce Lawyer
We understand that the stress of divorce is one of the greatest any one of us will ever experience in this life. That’s why, in addition to a strong understanding of the legalities, we also provide experienced counsel to help you make the healthiest possible choices for yourself and your family—especially the children, who played no part in the marriage’s end.

Child Support Assistance
The state of Florida requires its residents to follow specific child support guidelines. We offer advice and support and an experienced review of your case. The income of both parties must be reviewed and decisions are based on these incomes. Of course, deviations from these guidelines are possible dependent upon the particulars of your and your former spouse’s unique situation. In the end, we provide the support you need to do what’s best for your children.

Private, State & Stepparent Adoptions
Whether you’re an adopting couple or would like to adopt your stepchild, we provide both private, state and stepparent adoptions in Florida. State adoptions take place through thrtment of Human Services. If you’re seeking a full parental guardianship, we can help you, too. Requirements to fulfill the adoption process include a study of your home and lifestyle, criminal background check, and attorney’s fees. In the end, a child is provided with a happy, loving, and stable home in which to thrive and grow, which is our ultimate goal and most satisfying reward.

Child Custody Modifications
Changes between divorced parents sometimes warrant a change in legal child custody, visitation, and child support orders. If you’re considering requesting any such modification, we represent parents who need to modify custody, visitation, and child support orders to ensure your child or children are provided and cared for to the best of both parents’ abilities. Again, it is all about the well-being of your children.

Family – Child Support
Turn to our family law firm in Florida, for caring and compassionate divorce, custody, child support and adoption services.

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